John Entwistle “The Who”

  • 8120702_the_who_john_entwistle_brian_jones_with_a_hat_drawing

  • “Brian Jones with a hat”
    Original Sketch

    Original drawing on tracing paper shows the portrait of Brian Jones with a hat. John Entwistle, not only one of the best rock bassists ever, but also his drawings and caricatures show his artistic talent in this field.
    30 x 41 cm. With framing on request

    Item: #8120702, € 3.750,-

  • 8120703_rolling_stones_keith_richards_drawing_john_entwistle

  • “Keith Richards”
    Original Sketch

    Drawing of Keith Richards by John Entwistle. One of John Entwistle very collectible drawings, cartoon style, size 42 x 30 cm, price without frame

    Item: #8120703, € 1.280,-

The Art of Keith Richards

Prices range from € 5.900 to € 9.500

  • 8110628w_rolling_stones_keith_richards_original_drawing_moskow

  • “Moscow”
    Original Drawing

    Original graphite on paper drawing of the Moscow skyline with male genitalia. Not only Ron Wood but Keith a passionate painter too. His works are almost unavailable. 42 by 29 cm

    Item: #8110628

  • 8110624_rolling_stones_keith_richards_drawing_of_ronnie_wood

  • “Ronnie Wood”
    Original Drawing

    Portrait drawing, graphite on paper sketch of Ronnie Wood’s side profile. 30 x 21 cm

    Item: #8110624

Jon Anderson “Yes”

  • 8110175w_yes_jon_anderson_painting

  • “Landscape”
    Original Painting

    Jon Anderson, multi-instrumentalist, founder and singer of the band Yes is one of the world´s most important progressive rock stars with immense impact on the development of rock music.

    Original artwork by Jon Anderson, watercolor on paper, painting done as part of the artwork for the band’s album “YES” in 1969. 46 by 38 cm

    Item: #8110175, € 5.450,-

The Art of Frank Sinatra

Prices range from € 13.500 to € 37.500

  • 8110767_frank_sinatra_clown_painting

  • “Clown”
    Original Painting

    Original painting of a clown by Frank Sinatra. Acrylic on paper, inscribed “Happy Birthday Buddy, Frank Sinatra 1964″. Signed by Frank Sinatra and given as a gift to actor Buddy Garion, signed, 20,5 by 15 cm

    Item: #8110767, € 14.900,-

  • 8110768_frank_sinatra_mountains_painting

  • “Mountains”
    Original Painting

    A Frank Sinatra oil on canvas painting, signed in lower right “FAS ’85.” The painting depicts mountains beneath an orange and yellow sky. Additionally signed on verso “Frank Sintatra ’85.” Accompanied by a piece of brown wrapping paper with a handwritten note in black ink by Frank Sinatra that reads “Dot – Here is your picture!/ Now stop hollering at me!/ the Artist / Who???” The painting was gifted by Sinatra to his longtime executive assistant Dorothy Uhlemann. Accompanied by a signed copy of the book Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Art by Frank Sinatra (New York: Random House, 1991), signed on the title page “Frank Sinatra ’92.” This painting appears on page 104 of the book. Signed book included. 32 by 28 inches, overall.

    Item: #8110768, € 44.500,-

Artists Of The 80`s

Prices range from € 890 to € 3.900

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  • 8110429w_tom_petty_original_drawing_skettch_signed

  • Tom Petty

    “Tom & Dr. Klein”
    Original Drawing

    Pen and ink drawing, signed and dated, 2005, on Dr. Klein’s letterhead. Petty stands with the doctor, conversing: “Its nothing life threatening like cancer or your ex-wife!”, signed, 38 by 33 cm
    Item: #8110429, € 5.900,-

  • 8110404w_michael_jackson_original_drawing, signed-1_1/>

  • Michael Jackson

    Original Color Drawing

    Michael Jackson has hand drawn this colour picture that he has also signed and inscribed “All My Love, Michael Jackson” in blue ink on white paper, signed, 8,5 by 4 cm
    Item: #8110404, € 4.200,-

The Art of Jim Morrison

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  • 8120402_the_doors_jim_morrison_drawing

  • Original Pencil Drawing

    Jim Morrison made this original pencil drawing when he attended Alameda High School in California. Considered one of the rarest of Morrison’s drawings, this drawing was among 26 works owned by Morrison’s high school friend Fud Ford. This drawing is also described in the definitive Morrison biography, “No One Here Gets Out Alive”. A great piece of art, characteristic of Jim Morrison. Size: 23 by 31 cm,
    Item: #8120402

Artists Of The Woodstock Era

Prices range from € 2500 to € 13800

Original Paintings / Original Drawings / limited Lithographs

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Jimi Hendrix Limited Edition Lithograph “Flower Demon”
Hand-numbered with additional embossed Jimi Hendrix signature, 74x62cm
Item: #8220395, € 2.900,-

  • 8110177w_grace_slick_painting_9 11

  • 8110176w_jerry_garcia_painting_ man_with_bart

  • Grace Slick Original Oil Painting “9 / 11″
    This painting was inspired by a burned flag at the World Trade Center
    signed, 46 by 64 cm, Item: #8110177, € 19.500,-

  • Jerry Garcia Original Oil Painting “Man With The Beard”
    signed, 36 by 46 cm
    Item: #8110176, € 17.000,-

Ronnie Wood Collection

Prices range from € 750 to € 8.900

Original Paintings / Original Drawings / Lithographs / Prints

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  • 8110428w_rolling_stones_ronnie_wood_self_portrait_signed

  • 8210219s_ronnie_wood_self_portrait_print_w

  • Ronnie Wood Selfportrait Doodle
    Marker Drawing, signed, A4
    Item: #8110428

  • Ronnie Wood Limited Edition Print “Self Protrait”
    signed, 58 x 83 cm
    Item: #8210219, €1.750,-

  • 8110625_ronnie_wood_drawing_sketch_portrait_chuck_berry_w1

  • 8110621s_ronnie_wood_drawing_of_woman_pastel_pencil_w

  • Ronnie Wood Original Drawing “Chuck Berry”
    Marker Pen and Graphite Portrait, signed, 28 by 21 cm
    Item: #8110625, € 4.900,-

  • Ronnie Wood Original Drawing “Woman”
    Pastel and Pencil, signed, 40 by 32 cm
    Item: #8110621, € 12.500,-

  • 8110620_ronnie_wood_painting_trees_watercolor_pencil_paper_2w

  • 8110622_ronnie_wood_drawing_elephant_pastel_paper_w

  • Ronnie Wood Original Painting “Garden”
    Pencil and Watercolour, signed, 30 by 24 cm
    Item: #8110620, € 9.000,-

  • Ronnie Wood Original Painting “Elephant”
    Pastel on Paper, signed, 42 by 29 cm
    Item: #8110622


Ronnie Wood Original Painting “Landscape Kenia”
Watercolour and Pastel on Paper, signed, 30 by 40 cm
Item: #8110623, € 12.500,-

  • Ronnie Wood signiert Mick Jagger

  • Ronnie Wood signiert Woman

  • Ronnie Wood

  • Ronnie Wood was born in London, June 1st in 1947. Before beginning his musical career he received formal art training at Ealing College of Art in London. At Ealing he studied alongside The Who guitarrist Pete Townshend and future Queen singer Freddie Mercury. As his musical career with the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces and the Rolling Stones progressed, Ronnie continued his painting and drawing. His subjects ranging from musicians he admired, knew and sometimes played with, to family and close friends, and self-portraits.
    Throughout the years the artist and the musician have been inseparable. It is only natural to find him with a pencil as with a guitar, drawing portraits of contemporaries and finding inspiration from his musical influences. In 1987 Wood was given the opportunity to spend several months working in a professional printmaking studio in England. Since then he has devoted to a considerable amount of time to printmaking and has produced a number of images using various techniques etching, drypoint, screenprint and digital.
    Over the years his work has been widely exhibited. In 1996 he had a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has had numerous exhibitions in North and South America, in the far East and throughout Europe.