The Art of Jim Morrison

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  • 8120402_the_doors_jim_morrison_drawing

  • Original Pencil Drawing

    Jim Morrison made this original pencil drawing when he attended Alameda High School in California. Considered one of the rarest of Morrison’s drawings, this drawing was among 26 works owned by Morrison’s high school friend Fud Ford. This drawing is also described in the definitive Morrison biography, “No One Here Gets Out Alive”. A great piece of art, characteristic of Jim Morrison. Size: 23 by 31 cm,
    Item: #8120402, € 6.800,-

Original Collage Comic Strip

Handmade collage comic strip circa 1957, signed “Jim,” on an off-white sheet. Comic features clipped cartoon characters affixed to the sheet, with speech bubbles written by Morrison beside each one. From left to right, the words read: “By Jove…By Jove men, look at that dog…Sniff Sniff…Piss on comic books…Potrezbie?…How the hell should we know…What the Hell am I doing in this furshluginner comic strip?”. A one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that offers a unique perspective on Morrison’s thoughts and creativity as a young man, 31 by 10 cm,
Item: #8120402, € 2.950,-