Art Services

Worldwide Shipping

Rock & Art Gallery has experience in all aspects of art including packaging and shipping of pieces all around the world. We take great care in using high quality material and techniques when preparing your art for shipping, ensuring it reaches it’s destination harm free. Shipping costs are dependent on size and destination. Upon request we’d be happy to provide you with a quote for shipping an art work anywhere in the world.

Art Rental & Leasing

Selecting art is not only an important design element to beautify your living or work space but can also be a rewarding financial investment, therefore purchasing the right art is an important decision. At Rock & Art Gallery we can also offer the option to lease or rent your art. When leasing art a % of the rental fee will be accrued towards ownership of the specific piece of art for the duration of the lease. Art rental is popular and beneficial in corporate office space, falling under operating expenses it ultimately conserves capital, offer an average return after taxes of up 25%. Museums frequently ask to lease our art for exhibitions. We would be pleased to work closely with you to arrange the best possible solution for your home or business needs. Please contact us at to arrange a professional consultation.


From a simple personal assessment to a large-scale corporate evaluation, the Rock & Art Gallery offers a comprehensive appraisal service. Complete appraisals are independent, objective reports based on knowledge, research, analysis, and accepted principles of valuation. You can trust the Rock & Art Gallery with your art of rockstars.

Custom Framing

We specialize in custom framing, using the finest techniques & latest technology to retain the artwork’s original state. As a result the artwork’s monetary, sentimental or even historical value is ensured. Our Frame Specialist will offer expert advice for small, medium or extra large art works for conservation framing, commercial art, quality mats and moldings, security fittings and professional installation with pick up and delivery services.