Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Bono, Slash and Tom Petty: They all love drawing and sketching. From cartoons to trademark doodles: Rock And Art Gallery presents a precious collection of original works. Furthermore Rock And Art Gallery presents two superb pieces of art of no less than charismatic rockstar Jim Morrison of The Doors showing his distinctive kind of art.


Rock And Art Gallery presents a large collection of visual arts created by rock musicians. Many rock stars have started their career as students of visual arts and expressed their creativity by painting and drawing. The Ealing College Of Art had been attended by Pete Townshend, Freddie Mercury and Ronnie Wood before they became megastars of rock music.
  • 8110622_ronnie_wood_drawing_elephant_pastel_paper_w
    Ronnie Wood
    original drawing

  • Ronnie Wood Painting "Trees"
    Ronnie Wood
    original painting

  • 8210219_ronnie_wood_self_portrait_print_w
    Ronnie Wood
    limited print

Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix, three iconic rockstars of the Woodstock era, are among the most talented painting rockers ever. Their famous arts have been printed and sold as limited edition for decades. Rock And Art Gallery is presenting original works of all 3.

Entwurf2 Grace Slick_2 Kopie

Ronnie Wood has been painting and sketching ever since he was a child. Nowadays it can be said that his skill with a paint brush equals his skill with a guitar pick. Rock And Art Gallery is presenting a collection of his works including pieces in charcoals, watercolours, oil pastels, graphite portraits, sketches as well as limited edition prints and lithographs.

ronnie wood

Photography is another principal part of the Rock And Art Gallery. Memorable photographs as well as photographs never seen before of rock and popstars will be displayed and offered here. That includes large-sized photographs and original transparencies.

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